The Most under-rated career skill

During my coaching sessions with professionals, I get to see two ends of the spectrum.

# While youngsters complain about the lack of jobs.

# The seniors complain about attrition & lack of quality manpower.

This is an intriguing situation, isn’t it?

Over the years I have concluded that among other things, lack of patience comes across as one of the key factors leading to this scenario.

Patience is a virtue that’s known to all but practiced by few…

It becomes all the more important when it comes to our careers..

Recently, while I was coaching one of my clients, he mentioned his inclination to appear for CAT exams to get into IIM to pursue a full-time MBA & then make a career shift

Since he was already working with an MNC, out of curiosity I asked him any specific reason.

To which he replied that he was not satisfied with his income & this seems to be the shortest route to grow salary.

I asked what made him think so.

He mentioned that his friend did the same and his salary is now 3x of what he was earning.

I further probed, if we put the money aside, what else he liked about the job of his friend or the grind of doing an MBA from IIM

He was clueless.

This is one of the commonplace scenarios, where people get lured by what’s working for others without really introspecting.

Some of the common scenarios demonstrating a lack of patience include :

# Choosing the career in a jiffy without analyzing properly

# The urge to change and backtrack on hitting a roadblock in the current job/profession

# Getting attracted by the next best career option promising high pay

# Looking for a job change, due to changes in the management of the company

# Tagging along with one particular boss & switching jobs recklessly.

# In a rush to increase the pay packet, changing organizations every 6-12 months

# Prioritizing instant gratification over long-term growth

The approach is more of a hunter than a farmer.

Hunter lives for the day & therefore looks for immediate results. (Impatience)

A farmer knows that he won’t get the results overnight and therefore puts energy & effort into the process without getting excessively obsessed with the immediate outcome. (Patience).

It’s up to you how you manage your career & the results will be in accordance with the approach.


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