Stuck in the wrong job?

When it comes to work or job there could be 2 possible scenarios :

# We get to work on things we love to do

# We get to work on things we must do

An ideal scenario is a situation, where both the scenarios overlap.

Meaning things you must do are also the things you love to do.

Like most other things in life, the ideal scenarios are rare & hence can’t be really banked upon every time.

So what to do when you are stuck in a job that you don’t really like?

There can be 2 possible options:

Option 1: Carry on with what you have got, till the time you land up with what you really want.

Option 2:Leave what you have got (since you don’t really like it) & instead go for what you want.

To be frank, both the options have their Pros & Cons.

Your choice will largely be governed by a number of personal factors including your risk appetite, economic situation, level of desperation & patience.

I faced this situation multiple times in my career.

Personally speaking, option 1 worked well for me owing to the below reasons :

# It ensured that I was learning & gaining experience

# I got to learn the essential workplace skills

# Being employed made me less desperate & therefore less stress

# It kept the cash register ticking, ensuring I had one less worry

# I got the negotiation power & therefore able to make better choices

# It made me mentally strong, as I could persist in unfavorable situations

# And finally, when I got to do what I wanted, the work seemed like a breeze, it was more fun & I could use the learnings of the past in my present.

How about you?

Which option would you rather choose- Option 1 or Option 2?




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