Rewire your Brain

“Success is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics.”– Tony Robbins


It holds for the career as it does for any other area of life. Various studies have repeatedly proven this.


Still, most professionals continue to put 80% effort into the part that contributes only 20%. Yes, the technical skills.


This is a very apt demonstration of the Pareto principle in the real world.


This continues for most of the career, and the realization dawns in the form of a rude awakening around mid-career. That’s the time when the truth hits home.


During my coaching sessions with working professionals, I often get the opportunity to peep into their minds.


Since most of them have already spent considerable time in their professions, their mental conditioning shows a pattern.


When I start working with them, on most occasions it is not progressive.


While they want to achieve great things they are the ones who come in their way.


Even before taking the first step, they are the ones to stop themselves.


So the person might be feeling extremely unhappy & stressed at work but still refuses to break the pattern by working on themselves.


Although it’s no rocket science.


If you see it’s quite simple. All it requires are two simple steps :


#1. To identify the root causes, responsible for the current situation where one is feeling STUCK.


#2. Work on the causes so that they can come out of the situation and start moving forward.


But in reality, it’s not that easy.


You may ask WHY?


Well, it’s because of our minds.


Owing to mental conditioning most people develop a thinking pattern.


These thoughts, project a long list of reasons or excuses on the mental screen justifying why one shouldn’t act.


The reasons may include anything:


# it could be the baggage of past experiences,


# the fear of uncertainty,


# the charm of the comfort zone,


# the unwillingness to take risks,


# the inability to let go of a secured income,


# the lack of  courage to act against established norms,


# the need for social conformity or


# plain laziness.


Whatever the reason be, most are unwilling to act unless the circumstances lead to a scenario where they are pushed against the wall.


I consider it to be a reactive approach where you only act when you move into a negative zone. It requires more effort as first you need to get to the normal state and then start moving forward.


A better way is the proactive approach which is a hallmark of progressive professionals who are quick to identify and act. This gets them a better mileage as moving from a level of  +5 to +10 takes a shorter time as compared to say moving from a  level of -5 to +10.


While simple as it may seem, but certainly not that easy to implement unless you are ready to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN.


Reprogramming allows the mind to overcome regressive conditioning and allows you to have a different perspective on opportunities.


That’s one of the key areas where I work with my mentees.


Having worked with professionals across diverse age groups, industries, sectors & genders I have noticed many common elements.


One of those elements is the statement I get to hear repeatedly.


Whether it’s a 24-year-old or a 70-year-old, one thing that I get to hear often is, “I wish I had known this earlier in my life & worked on myself at an early age, I would have avoided a lot of suffering & saved many years. I wish I would have met you earlier & gone through this journey.”


There is a famous quote, “ Pain is inevitable but suffering is an option.”


How much suffering you want is entirely in your hands.

Earlier you can work on your mind by investing in yourself, higher the returns.


To quote #tonyrobbins, “ Decisions decide your destiny.”


So choose wisely & make smart decisions.


The decision of working on self is certainly a smart one.No doubt about it.


I would be happy to assist you in your endeavor of, Reprogramming your mind.


Let’s connect once you are ready to invest in self-transformation.



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