Shortcut to Pursue your Passion

Growing up as a kid in the ’80s and ’90s, I was surrounded by elderly boys in my neighborhood (fondly referred to as bhaiyas or big brothers).

All of them were passionate about one thing, which was cricket.

When it came to sports, Cricket ruled the roost in those days. I still recall the early days of my childhood, when I first saw them playing gully cricket. I was fascinated and enamored by it for as long as I could remember.

As was supposed to happen, the effect rubbed off me soon enough, and before I knew I had the wooden plank( the broken part from a piece of furniture) in my hand as the first bat & I was playing with the boys of various ages.

As time progressed, so did my penchant for the game.

Soon the plank was replaced by an actual bat(thanks to my father) & I was the captain of my neighborhood team.

My passion peaked to a point where I was playing the sport at my school, with my friends in the colony & even inside my home.

Any free period at school was by default meant for the sport.

Any holiday was meant for the cricket to practice on the ground.

The weather didn’t matter, the place didn’t matter, and health didn’t matter.

All that mattered was the game, Cricket.
During my school days, it was one of my first ambitions to become a cricket player.

What transpired later in life is a different story (May be reserved for a later post).

Looking back, if I analyze, one of the key reasons for this madness was the people I was surrounded with, the people I grew up with.

All of them were equally passionate about the sport. Cricket is a team sport & I couldn’t have played it alone. The fact that it was a common thread that connected us all was one of the vital reasons why I developed such a keen interest in it.

The spark that was ignited at an early age by looking at the elder children playing gully cricket, transformed into a fire only because I was in the vicinity of the other passionate cricket players at home as well as at school.

I fondly remember my school principal, who himself had a keen interest in the game and used to play with us on several occasions. He played an instrumental and active role in the formation of the school cricket team and participation in inter-school tournaments. He used to be present for our practice sessions, etc.

It is often said that you are an average of the 5 people you are surrounded with. It holds especially when it comes to passion.

An interest that is nurtured well transcends into a passion.

For right nurturing the environment plays a critical role.

Control your environment by being in the company of passionate people who share similar interests.


While almost everyone is aware of the importance of this element yet very few know how to do it.


If you look at all the successful people around the world, this is one common trait that they possess. They choose their company carefully, which helps them in furthering their prospects.


In my coaching sessions, this is one of the key elements where I work with my coachees. Helping them craft their circle of influence.


This is the shortest route that helps you in pursuing your passion like no other.


In case you have been thinking about it for a long, I would be happy to help. Let’s connect once you are ready for the same.




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