How to Bounce back in Career

As per Linkedin News India, 5,500 employees lost their jobs in India between April and June this year, leading to an unexpected situation in their career.


This is certainly a cause for worry and something which was least expected in the post-COVID era, where things seemed to be getting better.


While it is not a welcome scenario but since it’s there, one has to face it.


If you are among the ones to be laid off, you have a couple of options to choose from :


Option 1(Victim Mode): Slip into victim mode & start blaming the organization, environment, office politics, changing times, Government, or your luck for your predicament.


Option 2 (Victor Mode): Think critically about the situation, assess why it happened, what could have been better & how you can take it up from here on.


If you are the one who prefers option 1, then you have nothing much to do. Continue with the status quo and wait for things to get better.


The drawbacks of this alternative include- a lot of uncertainty & lack of control. The wait could be longer & you may stress yourself out. There are fair chances, that out of desperation you accept whatever job comes your way & maybe land up in a similar situation again within 3-6 months.


But if you are the one who would like to give option 2 a try then you can follow the below steps :


Step 1: Identity what kind of job you would like to apply for


Step 2: Ascertain the skill set required for your preferred job


Step 3: List down which of these skills, you already have


Step 4: Identify the gaps between what is required & what you can offer.


Step 5:Upskill & prepare yourself as per the requirement of your preferred job.


Step 6: Once you are adequately prepared, go ahead & start applying again.


One caveat, avoid falling into the perfection trap. You are never going to be 100% ready so don’t wait for the perfect time.


Even after adequate preparation, you may face rejections, let them not get into your head. Instead, record the reasons for rejections, work on them and continue to move forward(remember, once is a mistake but repetition of a mistake is a blunder).


This will ensure you get better as a professional every single day.


And once you get the job that’s the right fit for you, the results will be far more superlative.


Victim Mode or Victor Mode, that’s the choice you have to make.


As a Coach, I work with professionals who choose victor mode.


I work closely with them in preparing the Plan of Change & also help them in executing it.


I would be happy to help you, once you are ready to bounce back and choose to claim victory.


Let’s connect once you are ready to invest in self-transformation.




Lalit Hundalani |Life & Career Coach |International Best-Selling Author


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