The 4 Phases of Growth

I would like you to read this blog till the end because this will make you aware of the phases of growth and create some internal shifts that will fuel your purpose and passions in life.


I’m going to speak my heart out, to let you know what your journey is going to be like… towards becoming a better version of yourself.


Please read every word, reflect on the points and see which areas you need to work on.


First off… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being connected.


While a lot of people get on this journey, most of them fizzle out.


They give up too soon.


The purpose of this write-up is to reignite that champion that’s within you.


So before I get in the details of the journey…


I want to let you know that you can do this.


Your past does not equal your future.


You can change your destiny.


So let’s begin…


Phase 1 – The Hope


The first phase of this journey is when people see a hope of a possibility of change that can fulfill their desires.


The prospect of fulfilling your dream.


The hope of living a life of choice and not regrets.


This might have inspired you.


And that’s why you chose to connect with me.


The whole aspect of becoming a better person as you grow on this journey is one of the biggest motivators for people to even start.


Phase 2 – The Curiosity



The next phase of the journey is curiosity.


Exploring & wanting to know, how things can get better.


How can you overcome your fears?


How do you identify your purpose?


How can you know what’s stopping you?


How do you get unstuck and start running at full speed, instead of limping your way?


How is it possible to be better & realize your dreams?​


That’s where you choose to connect with me on a one-on-one basis, get clarity of the path & the immense possibilities, that exist.


Phase 3 – The Action time


This is where the rubber meets the road. While the first two phases were all about exploration, this phase is all about leaping into action.


You need to demonstrate faith.


You need to make a decision.


You need to invest your time.


You need to invest your resources.


You need to take a call, what’s important for you.


You need to decide what’s the opportunity cost of not taking action.


Some people quit at this stage, where they feel unsure about themselves or the efficacy of the path.


Suddenly excuses of time & money spring into action.


All that motivation they got in the previous two phases suddenly turns into demotivation. Maybe this is not for me… the little voice inside starts speaking.


A small percentage of people persist. They do whatever it takes. They take action and get through this phase.


If success were easy, then everybody would be successful. But this is the first milestone one needs to cross.


Phase 4 – The Burnout or Fired-Up


This is an interesting stage.


After starting the journey of following the path, there is one category of the person who gets burned out, and there’s another that get’s fired up!


Both these have to do with “fire”.


The only difference is how they respond to fire (or pressure).


Some people do the things as guided & others don’t.


People who get “fired up” start to make superb progress.


They start taking action, work on themselves and results follow.


The factors that impact such growth are:


  • Working on self consistently.
  • Doing things as guided
  • Dropping the ego and surrendering to a system that’s working like magic
  • Laser focus on the day to day activities.
  • Focus on improving themselves.

These are the traits of successful people.


With all honesty, though I have thought about this and written about this, I’m not successful.


I’m always a work-in-progress.


I’m just a normal person like you.


It’s just due to all the mentors that have shaped me, I have some awareness, but I’m always working on myself.


I just want to thank you for reading to this point.


I wanted to pour my heart to help you understand what this journey is going to be like.


It’s not an easy one.


It’s not for everybody.


But I believe that anybody who has that bigger vision has the potential to transform – inside out.


Please share comments if this inspired you.


I would like you to start this day afresh.


I would you to think about what are those areas you really need to work on.


I would like you to imagine yourself being a legend in your space 5-10 years from now.


Then it’s a life that’s truly worth living.


More power to you,




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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