Simple ways to Overcome Frustration

Frustration arises when we are stuck for a long time. It indicates that you are being held back from something by self-imposed barriers and limitations.


If not addressed timely, it can take a toll on mental health and may lead to adverse impact on other critical areas.


Here are six steps on how you can deal with frustration.


Observe the triggers: The frustration arises when you don’t feel as though you are in full control of the situation. Identify what situations or thoughts produce the feeling of frustration.


Get Curious: Ask yourself what’s working and what’s not working for you. Figure out how exactly you are approaching this situation and whether or not this is actually the best approach to take. See your frustration as a problem or puzzle that must be solved.


Gain Clarity: It’s time now to gain some clarity about what it is you want to achieve. What’s your goal? What are you trying to accomplish? What is the outcome you would like to realize?


Change the Outlook: Your first objective is to identify what exactly has been working for you. Identify what that is and then also figure out the mistakes you might have made along the way. Now view those mistakes as helpful coincidences and use them as an opportunity for positive change.


Think Flexibly & creatively: Making mistakes can help you learn valuable lessons about what works and about what doesn’t work in this particular situation. Use these learning experiences as a platform for finding alternative ways for getting things done.


Work With Purpose: Turn your frustrations into a game and commit yourself to take proactive and purposeful action until you solve your frustration puzzle.


Remember though that frustration is a choice. if you choose to deal with frustration, then you effectively hold the power in your hands to influence the outcome of your experience. However, if you allow frustration to get the better of you, then you will struggle to achieve anything of significance in your life.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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