The Power Of Comfort Zone.

I am a BIG FAN of Comfort Zone…

I am sure you would be a little shocked or surprised and it’s valid too.

While everyone around seems to be hating it, here I am praising it.

First, let me assure you, it’s not clickbait and I have a good reason for it.

So read on.

Let’s be honest and accept that we all long for comfort in our lives and that’s one of the driving forces.

We want to reach that ever-comforting zone with the promise of a much better life.

What does a comfort zone look like?

Well, it varies depending upon what all makes you feel comfortable or what you think can make you one.

In popular opinion, it is commonly referred to as the scenario where you do things that you can do easily or you operate in an environment where it’s easier for you to function.

Let me share a few merits associated with it:

1. A familiar setting helps you to function without stress or worry. Look at any child at home and at a new place, and you will understand what am I saying.

2. It allows you to be more confident without any fear.

3. Absence of internal resistances like fear, worry, stress, etc enables the unlocking of full potential.

4. Once you are able to leverage your potential, that’s when you excel.

5. Excellence is what gets you success.

Consider a contradictory scenario where you are in an unfamiliar setting, not sure about your work, and engulfed by negative emotions of fear, worry, and stress.

When you are feeling under-confident, do you think that you can do a great job?

The answer is obviously NO.

Therefore, the comfort zone is good.

Now you may ask, then why it is bashed so frequently?

Well, the problem rises when you tend to get lazy in your comfort zone.

When you get stuck in a loop or pattern of doing the same things.

When you stop innovating.

When you stop striving to get better…

That’s where the problem rises..

Because then you stop evolving as a person and instead start stagnating..

And, soon you are pushed out of your comfort zone.

So, if you really want to get far and get there quickly, leverage your comfort zone while you have the privilege of being there.

If you are doing good in your career but want to get even better, this is the time to go for it..

Don’t get complacent now, only to regret the letter.

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To Your Success.


Lalit Hundalani||Executive Coach||Motivational Speaker || Corporate Trainer ||Best-Selling Author

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