The Incredible Stories, Episode 3

Disclaimer: This story is based on true events. Certain details like names and locations have been changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.




It was 10.30 PM on Saturday evening and Anjali was all surrounded by heaps of documents, while frantically punching keys on her laptop. She was racing against time to prepare the client contract, which was required by Sameer, her boss, and senior partner at the top-notch law firm of the country, she was working for. The meeting with the client was scheduled for Monday morning, so he didn’t want to take any chances. Every 10 minutes, he was checking with Anjali on the progress, putting her under more stress. Finally, at 11.30 PM, the draft was complete and delivered to Sameer’s mailbox. He screened through it, nodded, and then left for the day. Anjali also cleared her desk, ordered the cab, and finally left for home. Her home was 25 km from the office and the estimated time of arrival was 1.00 AM. As she boarded the cab and closed her eyes, she started reflecting on the last 2 years of the job. It was a dream come true for herself and her mother. She had always wanted her to be a lawyer. When she landed her first job with the number 1 law firm in the country, happiness knew no bounds. Her mother personally called all the friends and relatives to break the news which was followed by a massive get-together, once she got her first paycheque.


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Once the initial euphoria was over, the harsh reality of corporate life started sinking in. The pressing deadlines, the cut-throat competition to rise up the hierarchy, the intrusion of professional work into personal space, mental stress, office politics, and negativity was something she was least prepared for. Even weekends were dedicated to office work. In moments of solitude (which were far and few now), she used to reminisce about her life before getting into the job. She was missing on her work-outs, 5 hours of sleep was luxury, a weekend devoid of office work was a bonus, catching up with friends was too much to ask for and she had forgotten what a family vacation meant. By the time she completed one year, it became evident that the only motivation for her to continue in the job was paycheque at the end of the month, which was a significant amount considering the fact that it was her first job.


As the cab entered the gate of her housing society and the driver pressed the brakes, her chain of thoughts was broken and she came back to reality. While in the lift, she recalled that it was her mom’s birthday. Fortunately, it was Sunday and no office assignments were lined up. The thought of an upcoming day outing to celebrate her mom’s birthday cheered her up.


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Around 11 AM in the morning, they reached the resort to kick-start the festivities. As soon as she leaped out of the car, her phone rang. She saw it was Sameer on the line, anxiously she picked up the phone. It was regarding the same client which he was supposed to meet the next day and for which she burnt the midnight oil, the day before. Since it was an HNI client, he wanted 5 options for services being offered with slight modifications in contract conditions and fee offering to be structured accordingly. Anjali tried reasoning with him that she is not carrying her laptop since it was an off day and also, she was outside the city in a family gathering. But Sameer was in no mood to listen and wanted her to do the needful latest by 5 PM. By the time she put the phone down, she was on the verge of tears. She drove back to her home, leaving behind everyone, worked through the day, and sent the mail by 4.00 PM. She was all in tears and messed up. It reminded her of a similar incident on her birthday last year. She couldn’t reach for the birthday party planned by her friends and they were so disappointed. She somehow absorbed the incident last year but today’s incident impacted her really hard.


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Over time, her mental health started deteriorating and she became more of a corporate zombie. Her condition was not hidden from other family members but the pep-talk wasn’t working anymore. Not before long, she started taking anti-depressants so that she can continue performing routine tasks. Her life would have gone further downhill, had it not been for her sister. She spoke to her friend Ravi, who happened to be a life coach, and sought his help. Once Ravi met Anjali, it didn’t take him much time to realize the root cause of the issue. The job had curtailed the most important need for Anjali, which was Freedom. She used to be a free bird and currently she was not able to live life and do things that could satisfy her needs. This realization was a breakthrough for her, as she had always wondered why other colleagues were not feeling suffocated the same way, as she was. How they were able to cope with the job much better and still happier? Why they were able to grow through the ranks despite working less? Intrigued, she wanted to know more. Ravi introduced her to the coaching system, which could help her in transforming life in 5 simple steps. He further elaborated that, it was a proven system of self-transformation which could help her in self-discovery, know what are her baselines, how she was coded, what kind of work will give her immense happiness and riches too, how could INCRED process make her unstoppable, what is the relevance of having Mastermind, etc.


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She got excited, just listening to the whole stuff. She was committed to making a difference in her life and enrolled herself in the program and started her journey of 10 weeks. She started getting clarity and her breakthroughs from the very first week. Gradually she started getting back from being a zombie to human mode. Needless to say, her sister heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Ravi for his timely intervention. The situation started getting better with every passing week.

6 months later, as Ravi flipped the morning newspaper while sipping his morning tea, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. It was a commercial of Nike Shoes featuring Anjali, running on the beach. Anjali found her freedom and her calling. From behind the black robes was unleashed a lean supergirl, ready to fly high and reclaim her lost freedom. Anjali was a Fitness Model now, endorsing some of the most sought-after global brands, earning much more than before, and most importantly living the life of her choice. She was doing what she loved and loved what she did.


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Disclaimer: This story is based on true events. Certain details like names and location have been changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

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