The Art of Saying NO, Part 5

Today we have reached the last episode of our series, “The Art of saying NO”.


Time flies, really.


So, let’s check out the final HACK.


HACK:5 Taking the Onus


This is a classic case of blaming yourself while appreciating the other person.


It requires you to praise the idea, project, task, person, or work, stating your inability to take it up due to your limitation.


Essentially you display your lack of competency or necessary skill-set in accomplishing the task.


It requires courage since you make yourself vulnerable but make sense, in the interest of time.


let’s accept we can’t do everything & we shouldn’t do everything.


So no harm in being open about it.


Remember, “If you are for EVERYONE, then you are for NO ONE”


Feel free to share the feedback on this hack and also your views on the series.


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