Work Smarter not Harder

There’s simply too much to accomplish and not enough time to do it all. And as the day draws to a close, you wonder how you managed to do so little. If only you had known how to work smarter, not harder, you could have accomplished more.


It’s never too late and you can still change the way you work.


Check out this 6 step process to know how you can work smarter and achieve more.


Classify & Prioritize: The priority pyramid assists you in categorizing your duties into three categories: important, required, and unimportant.


All of the things you really must get done today are included in the important items.


All of the things you need to get done today are included in the required list.


All of the other things you could do that aren’t going to give you an actual value are included in the unimportant stuff.


Quit being Busy: Yes, you were really busy, but were you concentrating on your most important tasks? Staying busy while concentrating on the wrong things is not a sign of productivity. Commit to concentrating on the important things.


Leverage the Strengths: There are probably certain things you’re doing right now that are working out rather well. Determine what they are and how you may apply these techniques to other areas where you aren’t obtaining sufficient outcomes. Consider how you could improve your approach and work habits to obtain even more value out of the time you spend on specific tasks.


Focus on what matters: Working smarter, not harder, necessitates making the proper and essential sacrifices that allow you to focus on what matters most. You must select what should be assigned, outsourced, or removed in order to work smarter, not harder.


Prepare Not-to-do list: Working smarter, not harder, necessitates a laser-like focus on all of the correct things. Don’t fall into the trap of engaging in low-value activities. Make a plan to avoid taking action. Make a list of ways you’ll avoid falling into these temptations.


Gamify the Process: Engage and motivate yourself to improve over time. Test and measure your production and results, then set a goal for yourself to do better the next time. Turn your work into a game by setting a timer and then attempting to beat your previous day’s greatest performance. 


To enhance performance, you must first determine what is working and what is not working, and then have the confidence to make potential changes to your workflow.


You must be continually conscious of how you are functioning and whether or not this is in your best interests.


What works for one individual may or may not work for you or for the purpose you intended.




Lalit Hundalani


Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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