How to stop worrying and start living

How can you stop worrying that might drive you insane – especially when it’s over situations over which you have no control?


Use these six tactics to help you relax and stop worrying...


GAIN PROPER PERSPECTIVE: Your concerns stem from your over-analysis of how things will inevitably turn out. Perhaps it’s causing you unnecessarily to be concerned. Consider that for a moment, then consider how you might approach this circumstance differently.


CHALLENGE LIMITING BELIEFS: Because you believe something will happen, you definitely feel a certain way. Beliefs are nothing more than assumptions about things that we make. What if you opted to base your assumptions on a different set of facts? What if you choose to tell a different story? Would that alter your perspective on the situation? It’s possible.


TURN WORRIES INTO A PROBLEM: You feel powerless and impotent to do anything that might impact the outcome if you don’t feel in control. You might still be able to exert some control, or at the very least influence, on the situation. Make a problem out of your troubles, since issues have answers. And that will offer you a sense of control over your worries, allowing you to overcome them.


PREPARE FOR THE WORST: Things rarely go as planned, and they almost never go as badly as you expect them to. Even yet, the sensible thing to do is to plan for the worst-case scenario ahead of time. Of course, this may not prevent you from worrying, but it may turn it into a constructive learning experience.


RELEASE CONTROL: Make peace with what you can’t control instead of worrying about it. Simply let it go and concentrate instead on the things you can change or affect in some manner.


SCHEDULE WORRY TIME: Worrying is, of all, a natural part of life, as long as your worries don’t get out of hand and interfere with other elements of your life. Set up a set time and location for all of your fretting.


What would you rather do: stop worrying and give yourself some much-needed peace of mind, or continue worrying and give yourself a headache?


You can be anxious and sick to your stomach over hypothetical future scenarios that may or may not occur. Isn’t it past time to let go of your worries?


You’re not doing yourself any favors by doing this. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not to be feared.




Lalit Hundalani


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