The Power of Thinking Big

Most of us are aware of the concept of thinking big but still don’t. Any guesses, why?


My mom often asks me, so what do we eat today? Small question with multiple answers, & we start with the confusion.


Often I have seen people looking at the next small things & chasing coins.


What’s next is a big question in everyone’s life, but most choose to ignore it by thinking small.


Most people remain stuck, & don’t achieve what they deserve basis their abilities.


NOT BECAUSE they do not have the capabilities to achieve things.


But for their inability to :




The first problem is bigger than the second one.


The difference between Average results & Great results is a difference in thinking BIG.


An average person fails to act and justifies the inaction with a host of excuses like :


  1. I don’t have time
  2. I don’t have money
  3. Oh, it looks too difficult
  4. Is it possible for me to achieve?
  5. I am not so talented
  6. I am not so smart
  7. What if I fail ?
  8. I am scared

Successful people counter these excuses by asking themselves some powerful questions:


  1. Oh, it looks too difficult – How is remaining stuck helping me?
  2. Is it possible for me to achieve?-Why not ?
  3. I am not so talented ? How can I acquire the required competency ?
  4. I am not so smart – How can I work on myself to become better ?
  5. I don’t have time – Where am I spending my time ? How can I prioritize better ?
  6. I don’t have money – What is the opportunity cost of this investment ? If it was an emergency what will I do ?
  7. What if I fails? —What if it works? Will failure define my life?
  8. I am scared – That’s because I haven’t taken the action yet ? The only way to overcome fear is by taking action.

The difference in attitude is what differentiates 4%(Successful People) from 96%(Average people).


Your thinking influences your decisions.


Your decisions guide your actions.


Your actions shape your destiny.


I firmly believe, “Your outcomes don’t define you, your actions do”


Does this inspire you?


What big thought do you have today to achieve?


Share the feedback in the comments, I would be happy to know.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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