The Top 6 Excuses you must get rid of.

One of the easiest things to do in life is to come up with excuses. The strange thing about excuses is that nobody likes to listen to them but can’t do away with them either.


When things don’t go our way, it just seems easier to make a bunch of excuses. Isn’t it?


But it does no good to us.


A better way would be to find a way to work around them and get the actual work done instead of falling prey to excuses.


Here are some of the effective ways of addressing TOP 6 excuses that visit us quite often and delay the progress.


Don’t have time: Consider whether you are taking the time to focus on your most important activities. More often than not, we spend time on trivial tasks rather than focusing on big important ones. It would be a good idea to set some more specific and relevant objectives.


Don’t have money: Perhaps you lack sufficient funds since money is not a top priority in your life. Why don’t you come up with some money-making ideas? How about enlisting the help of family and friends to help you solve a problem? For a change, how about demonstrating some resolve and committing to making more money?


I don’t know-how:  If you don’t know how to do something, learn it. It is possible to understand most things. Dedicate yourself to mastering your craft. And if you feel stuck, ask for guidance or seek inspiration to help you positively go forward.


I can’t change: Perhaps the only reason you don’t feel you can change is that you lack sufficient reasons to do so. Get clarity on why it is essential for you to change and how it will help you. Write down the two scenarios, one where you don’t change & the other if you do. Once you get the strong reasoning, it won’t be that difficult to change


 I’m just not ready yet: Even if you don’t have everything planned out, it won’t stop you from moving forward. There will never be a perfect plan, and you will never be prepared. Begin by taking one modest step at a time.


This just won’t work:  Instead of making excuses, think about how to do the task. Furthermore, do not be scared to make mistakes. Mistakes and even failures can be beneficial if you learn from them and change your strategy moving ahead. The more times you try, the better your chances of succeeding.


Wouldn’t it be better if we just stopped making excuses and started taking responsibility for our actions?


Why not accept responsibility for your actions and commit to making mistakes and learning from them?


What’s the worst thing that could happen?


It’s time to put your excuses aside and begin taking chances on yourself, starting today.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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