How to deal with Adversity?

Adversity is a part of life and is omnipresent in all spheres. The higher the aim, the more difficult things become and the more challenges we’ll have to cope with.


Unfortunately, the majority of people give up a little too early before fully understanding their lessons. One of the reasons for this behavior is a lack of clarity. Most people have little understanding or knowledge as to what it takes to triumph over hardship.


Here is the simple 5A process to deal with adversity:












ATTENTION: The first step is to maintain your calm and take a step back. Detach yourself emotionally from the situation. Examine the circumstance objectively and rationally. Listen to your thoughts and observe your understanding of the situation.


ACCEPTANCE: Why bother complaining, blaming, and making excuses when they won’t change your situation? The only sensible course of action is for you to accept full responsibility for what has just occurred and then commit to making things better.


ASSESSMENT: Take time to consider your issue. Examine what went wrong, why things went wrong, and who was involved in the incident. Look for clues to assist you in going forward. The more information you have regarding the nature of your problem, the easier the following step will be.


ANALYSIS: Put yourself in the best possible frame of mind so you can cope with this challenge properly. Consider what occurred and interpret the things… If you tell yourself a depressing story about what happened, you will find yourself in a very remorseful mindset. Telling yourself an uplifting tale will give you the courage you need to move forward. Overcoming adversity takes effort, so you’ll have to dig deep to find a way to make the best of a bad situation. Perhaps a window of opportunity is just around the corner.


ACTION: Recognize how you can use your strengths and the resources at your disposal to solve this situation successfully. Take your time and carefully solve this puzzle one tiny bit at a time. Be ready for everything and eager to adjust when faced with more significant difficulties.


Even when you think you’ve got everything figured out, something always goes wrong. Success never follows a straight path from point A to point B. It’s always a zig-zag path with lots of ups and downs. But, regardless of what occurs, you must remain on track. Keep going forward. Those who persevere and persist for a long time always succeed in the end.




Lalit Hundalani


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