The ICSE Framework to enhance Focus

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One of the key reasons for our inability to focus lies in our lack of self-belief. Self-doubt stimulates the brain, conceives negative emotions, and causes distraction. It’s like losing the battle even more going for one.


The ICSE framework is targeted at strengthening the belief system by changing the brain codes.


I is for Identify: Specify which areas of your wheel of life you want the reprogramming to be done. Consider broad areas like health, career, wealth, family, relationship, personal growth, fun, and physical environment. Identify the areas where you are not content and want to work on.


C is for Codes: Once you have identified the relevant areas in step one, figure out the negative thoughts or codes you might carry in your head. Replace the harmful codes with positive ones. For example, I am not good at reading can be changed to I am a voracious reader. Get the power codes for all required areas where reprogramming needs to be done. Write down your personalized power codes which make you internally strong, and re-code your brain.


S is for Score: Give a score to yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 basis the current progress in the areas so identified in step 1. Also, write down the scores your want to achieve. For example, if the health is not good, the current rating would be three or four, and the projected score would be around 8 or 9. The scoring would give you clarity of the important reason for proceeding with this activity.


E is for Execute: Once you have completed the first three steps, it’s time to execute. Start practicing your power codes daily. Do it even if you don’t believe in them. Once you do daily affirmations, they will gradually seep into your subconscious mind and change your self-talk.


This framework is compelling. If done in the right way, it will code you to success like no other hack.


Try this technique on your own & share the feedback.


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