Does Coaching & Training really help?

Is coaching really effective to be taken seriously?


The truth is…




The coaching and training industry is growing at a tremendous pace. It is set to become a $ 350 Billion industry in the next 10 years.


I am not saying this because I want to impress you.


Look at these stats:


  • The global executive coaching market is valued at $9.3 billion in 2022
  • The career coaching market is valued at $15.4 billion in 2022
  • The global health coach market size was $14.48 billion in 2021
  • One-third of all Fortune 500 companies utilize executive coaching

Those are huge numbers.


It’s all because of the results people are getting from coaches and trainers.

  • For every $1 invested, companies reported an average ROI of $7.90 thanks to executive coaching
  • 86% of companies recouped their investment in coaching

And it is not just big companies and corporations.

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners also see the potential of coaching and training
  • 70% of entrepreneurs turn to leadership coaching and see better long-term results from the training
  • Over 92% of small-business owners endorse hiring a business coach

And not just them…

  • Professionals also agree that coaching and training produce a significant impact on them.
  • 80% of people who received coaching, increased their self-confidence
  • Coaching increases productivity by an average of 86%
  • More than 60% of executives agree that coaching helped them in better goal-setting
  • 62% of people report a marked impact on career opportunities after undergoing career coaching.

These numbers prove that coaching works..


Coaching has become a key ingredient in professional success. The industry has grown tremendously, demonstrating the power and importance of having a coach.


Not just the global market.


The Indian market has also warmed up to the benefits of coaching.


More and more people are interested in coaching programs because they have seen the power of coaching.


People realize that getting coaching and training from the right coach is the fastest and surest way to success.


Do you want success in your career or life?


Do you consider yourself to be learnable & coachable?


Are you willing to implement what you learn?


Do you have it in you to do whatever it takes?


If the answer to these questions is yes, then coaching can help you fast-track your journey.


I would be happy to coach you, once you are ready for the same.


To know, how coaching can help, click on the below link & book a session with me.




See you shortly.


To your success.


Lalit Hundalani||Life & Career Coach||International Best-Selling Author

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