Career growth has a direct impact on our financial status. Most of us take it for granted and never focus on it in the right way.

Consider this; we live for an average of 75 years.

And we struggle for more than 30 years; how does it make sense?

The prime earning age of our career is mid 20’s and most people spend this time in their comfort zones. The repercussions of this complacency are felt later when they remain underpaid, underachieved, and undervalued.

The complaining and blame game starts once we hit a glass ceiling in career growth. Complaining about the organization, the management, and the leadership begins.


While all that is happening, the majority doesn’t care to change and work on themselves rather than blame others.

It’s pertinent to remember that financial growth is governed by career growth.


Career growth is a function of personal growth, not the other way round.


To transform your financial status, you need to transform your career.


Career transformation can happen only after personal transformation.


To change your financial status, there are three steps that you need to follow :


1.Identify: That’s the beginning point of all progress. Without having the clarity of vision, you can’t craft your career. Clarity comes from knowing self. Identifying what you need to do and WHY you need to do it is paramount. While the majority lack clarity, they live in the illusion of knowing it all. People feel they have all intelligence and experience to figure out things for themselves and carry that ego to waste prime years in figuring it out.


2.Improve: Once you get the clarity, it becomes easier to identify what you are lacking. What skills do you need to acquire that can turbocharge your growth. A lack of skill development plan is a root cause of professionals lagging in financial gain and remaining underpaid.


3.Implement :This step includes application and leveraging your enhanced skill and competencies to create an influence and brand within the organization. Professionals relying on old methods and ways of working rarely move beyond a certain threshold & find themselves on a sticky wicket.


Which step of Financial Growth is missing in your career?


Are you just taking your career for granted as all others do?


Are you getting the average growth like all others are getting?


Are you still Underpaid, Undervalued & Underachieved, despite decades of experience, knowledge, and skills?


Well, it’s apparent that you might be just figuring out yourself & might be wasting your prime earning age.


If that’s the case, you must take charge of your financial growth in career.More Power to You.


I look forward to serving you in a better and more significant way.




Lalit Hundalani||Life & Career Coach||Amazon#1 Best Selling Author


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