6 Steps to Become a Great Leader

If you are struggling with your current role as a people manager or a leader, here are the six steps you can take instantly. 


Each step has a bearing on your performance. The small steps lead to significant results – your Learning, Earning, and Growth.


Clarity: Having clarity about what to do is the starting point. Leaders have a vision of the future for themselves and the entire team. They look at the big picture, which drives them to act fast and in a precise manner.


Consciousness – One of the critical traits of leadership is the ability to make fast decisions. Having the intelligence to manage one’s own emotions is essential to make rational decisions for the greater good of all. Knowing self or self-awareness at a deeper level makes you aware of your own emotions, and that’s where consciousness comes into the picture.


Connectedness – You can only connect with people deeper if you win their trust. Trust comes from walking the talk and sticking to your commitment.


Communication – To effectively lead the team, you need to create a high impact. To make a high impact, you need to communicate effectively. This is the key to creating an influence that lasts forever. Leaders who don’t know how to communicate end up making a mess out of it. If you are learning clear communication, you can use that in establishing your authority – which is a missing piece in leaders of the digital age.


Context – Setting the right context is an essential element of communication. If you want people to do something, you need to explain why they need to do so in no uncertain terms. It’s like laying a solid foundation. Many leaders fail to set the proper context and therefore have a hard time getting things done.


Content – The blueprint of the action plan needs to be followed. A step-by-step plan that the person can track at the lowest level of the pyramid must be prepared. Eliminating the ambiguity is a must so that the interpretation is not left on the individual intelligence. Fine-tuning, testing are recommended before rolling it out on a larger scale.


The result of learning these six steps has its advantage and vice versa.


GROWTH is the only constant that can give FINANCIAL FREEDOM, not Stagnancy or Stability. But many miss out on this concept. 


Which step are you working on today in your role?




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