Corporate Meetings in the COVID-19 Era.

Covid-19 has radically changed the way meetings are conducted in the corporate world.


So instead of physical or face-to-face meetings, now we have virtual meetings happening through various applications like MSTEAMS, ZOOM, GOOGLE MEET, etc. Quite surprisingly the change is not limited to any particular industry, rather impact can be seen across sectors and organizations.


Let’s evaluate the advantage & disadvantages of this change.




#CostSavings for the organizations including but not limited to travel, venue, refreshments, etc.


#Timesavings, as travel time has reduced drastically


#Multitasking, as it allows participants to carry on with some other work if the topic being discussed is not relevant to them. They may pitch in when required.


#Meetings can be planned and executed at short notice.




#Encroachment in personal space. Longer duration calls, continuing well past the office hours.


#Timemanagement gone for a toss. Last-minute meeting invites make it difficult to plan the day.


#Multitasking at its worst when you are attending more than one call at a time. Loss of focus and no constructive output is the outcome.


#Lowproductivity, since most of the day, is spent on calls. Where is the time to do constructive work?


#Meetings galore. The number of meetings has increased exponentially, most of them not important.


#Stress levels have increased due to continuous engagement on virtual calls.


#Unhappyworkforce.Unless you are a BPO employee, you won’t like to be on calls for the most part of the day.


Clearly, the side effects far outweigh the advantages.


This is one more example that shows how a technology that was supposed to be BOON becomes BANE by over-use. Guess it’s time to Pause, Introspect and Rectify before it’s too late.


What’s your view?


How to focus and concentrate in such chaos?


Do share the feedback in the comments section.




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2 thoughts on “Corporate Meetings in the COVID-19 Era.”

  1. Yes, it is time to inspect and take full advantage of the technology and Pandemic situation.
    In my opinion, it is not the fault of the system. Instead, we humans need to change its usage and also do it judiciously so that it becomes a boon, not a bane.

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