The Simplest way to Boost Performance

In this write-up, we are going to talk about the cheapest and most potent performance booster.


Any guesses?


Ok, let me stop teasing and share the same with you.


Yes, it’s none other than a good night’s sleep.


We all recall the days when we cannot get a good night’s sleep due to an exam, an early morning flight, an important project deadline, or some exigency.


Do you remember the feeling the next day?


We feel irritated, face mood swings and lose the ability to do tasks in a focused way.


Quality sleep is the main factor that affects the overall functioning of the brain.


It is crucial to ensure smooth processing of functions related to memory, learning, attention, concentration and thinking.


Sleep is a recovery mechanism for the human body and can’t be ignored.


It is a key element impacting the brain’s alertness levels.


According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, sleep deprivation is linked to reduced cognitive performance, including working memory and speed. It also affects executive and alert attention.


In addition, sleep deprivation for an extended period has been linked to the death of brain cells.


According to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, mice were subjected to a sleep deprivation experiment. It was observed that LCNs (locus ceruleus neurons) required for brain awareness steadily disappeared.LCns are essential for the brain’s alertness.


What’s even scary is that a lack of sleep for an extended period may cause your brain cells to die. Regular neuronal output, combined with insufficient rest, led to their deterioration and eventual destruction. Within three days of the trial, the mice had lost 25% of their LCns, despite their sleep being limited to 4-5 hours. The findings of the study are directly applicable to human brains. It was essentially stating that a lack of sleep can cause the brain to die.


A study done on the employees from various industries established that employees who got a total of 8 hours of sleep had the highest productivity levels.


A good night’s sleep increases the attention span, enhances alertness, and therefore reduces errors. If you have trouble falling asleep, get the treatment done without wasting time any further. You just can’t afford to ignore this critical element to be productive.


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  1. Thanks for sharing never knew sleeping is also important have been ignoring it will try n sleep well in order to stay healthy and active

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