Work Smarter not Harder

If only you had worked smarter, not harder, you could have accomplished more. Check out this 6 step process to know how you can work smarter and achieve more.

How to overcome stress

stress impacts other activities & leads to a waste of productive time. Let me share the HEAT formula for effective stress reduction

The ICSE Framework to enhance Focus

One of the key reasons for our inability to focus lies in our lack of self-belief. Self-doubt stimulates the brain, conceives negative emotions, and causes distraction.

A5 Model to Overcome Procrastination

If you are a consistent procrastinator and thinking that you will read this article later.Let me share the A5 technique to overcome Procrastination.

Breaking the Top 3 Focus Myths.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about the TOP 3 Focus myths, which you must get rid of, in order to improve your concentration and focus.

W.I.N formula for High Performance.

What is the W.I.N Formula? It is the technique practiced by high performers to make the right decisions, and achieve extraordinary results.   W.I.N. stands for What’s Important Now. This acronym was coined by Bob Bowman, coach of American swimming legend Michael Phelps, one of the most prized Olympic athletes in History.   In his …

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Corporate Meetings in the COVID-19 Era.

Covid-19 has radically changed the way meetings are conducted in the corporate world.   So instead of physical or face-to-face meetings, now we have virtual meetings happening through various applications like MSTEAMS, ZOOM, GOOGLE MEET, etc. Quite surprisingly the change is not limited to any particular industry, rather impact can be seen across sectors and organizations.   …

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How To Make Right Decisions?

Life is all about making choices.   To be honest, it doesn’t come easy on most occasions.   It’s usually a trade-off, where you get something and forego something.   The ability to effectively evaluate the opportunity cost is an essential skill for making smart decisions.   In absence of self-awareness and required skills, we …

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