This is a Real Game Changer

When was the last time you heard yourself saying,   “I should”,   “I must” or   “I have to”?   During my sessions, I often hear people saying things like:   “I really need to take care of my health” “I must spend more time with the family” “I need to take control of …

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What’s Your Story?

In many situations, people have repeated this story so many times in their heads that it has become woven into their own identity.

4 Questions you must ask yourself

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is to build your career around your life and not otherwise. The four main questions I used to help me design my business and lifestyle are…

How To Make Right Decisions?

Life is all about making choices.   To be honest, it doesn’t come easy on most occasions.   It’s usually a trade-off, where you get something and forego something.   The ability to effectively evaluate the opportunity cost is an essential skill for making smart decisions.   In absence of self-awareness and required skills, we …

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Who Are you?

“Be the Change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi Have you realized that quite often, we all tend to look outwards and expect others to change than us?   For anything and everything, either someone else or consequences are to be blamed. Consciously or unconsciously, we consider ourselves to be a product …

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