The Paradox of Life

People who want to save time part with money.   People that are tight-fisted with money end up wasting more time.   This is the paradox of life.   During my journey as a coach, I have observed that life always offers you choices.   Invest Money & Save Time.   Or   Save Money …

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Amazing Coincidences

I felt amused at the frequency and pattern of these coincidences; hence I thought of sharing.

The Best New year message

The Best New year message I received this year…So just like everyone, I also received several new year wishes and messages. But there was one message that stood out.

How to make the most of 2021

If you are already thinking, planning, and coordinating your “2022 strategy” please stop now. That’s defense. That’s what losers do.

The Power of Thinking Big

Often I have seen people looking at the next small things & chasing coins.. Most of us are aware of the concept of thinking big but still don’t. Any guesses, why?

How to deal with Adversity?

Majority of people give up a little too early before fully understanding their lessons. Here is the simple 5A process to deal with adversity

The 4 Phases of Growth

I would like to share the four phases of growth. Read till end as this will create some internal shifts that will fuel your purpose and passions in life.

How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Tried many things, but nothing seems to be working ? Let me share a simple 6 step process to break the self-doubt. You can try and see the results for yourself

This is how coaching helps.

I meet many people, who are curious to know how does coaching actually help. Often it is confused for counseling or parting advice.